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We Transform Voice to Actionable Data

No longer does remote, repetitive data collection turn into hours of transcribing notes and data entry. Dexer allows your team to perform data entry tasks at the speed of voice with built-in playback for increased accuracy.

No Internet Required

Voice Enabled

Bluetooth & Hands Free

Dexer is not a general consumer voice assistant.

We capture voice commands related to your business and record your entries quickly in a structured, organized manner.

Voice Assistants on Consumer Devices

  • Listens for commands
  • Searches the internet for options from commands
  • Provides results from internet and device searches
  • Speech to text transcribing
  • All voice is freeform

Dexer Industry Customized Voice

  • Trained for industry terms
  • Formats your speech entries into clean, structured data
  • Immediate voice playback enables real-time error handling and enables 100% accuracy
  • Securely upload your voice captured data to the cloud with no lag time

The benefits of Dexer

Time can make or break margins. Eliminate duplication, add consistency and improve turnaround of your data collection and analysis.

No data connectivity required.

Faster Remote Data Collection, Real-Time Transfer

Share data directly from collection into your CRM or other company system.

Improved Accuracy Through Built-In Playback

Reduce human error through a system that plays back your company lingo and what it is recording.

Accurate & Structured Data for Import

Added consistency in how data is collected and shared across the company.

Seeing is believing

See how we're transforming remote data collection every day, and helping a variety of industries increase the speed at which decisions and analysis can be made.

Setup is easy. Results are ground-truthed.

When you're ready to get started, our customization team gets your application ready for in-field activities in as little as two days.

Get started today for free.

  1. Complete our Intake Form

    With the assistance of our Customer Success Team, simply tell us the parameters of your existing forms/reports and the types of data needed for each field.

  2. We configure your application

    We get to work building and testing your fully customized data experience for your business team.

  3. Roll it out to your team

    We can help train your team to get started or we can provide the step-by-step process. It's up to you!

  4. Access your web portal

    Part of your customized experience with Dexer includes access to the Dexer web portal which securely stores the data collected by each team member.

We were able to cut our collection time down by at least 33% by eliminating the data entry from notepads to the computer.

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Our technology works for a variety of industries.

While we started in agriculture and insurance, our platform is customizable for a variety of on-site data collection.

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