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nov ● 18 ● 2022

More Data in Less Time: A Lesson

Accuracy and versatility lead insights, company performance.

As an early adopter of Dexer, Brian Bowman has used it to collect data across the United States and in different countries. But, for Bowman, the big takeaway is its versatility.

“Thinking of my role as a researcher, I can see uses for both outdoor field trials and indoor greenhouse trials, but I've shown it to co-workers who see applications for it in inventory,” says Bowman a plant geneticist. “Basically, if you're doing repetitive tasks, regardless of what you are recording, the ability to adapt and customize is there from Dexer.”

While Bowman currently works in hydroponics, he previously used Dexer in sweet corn trials through his former employer. His job required him to travel to research locations across the United States, South America, Europe and Japan and report data back to the company's headquarters in Wisconsin. He noted that while using Dexer he was not only able to turn data more quickly, but he was able to expand the amount of data collected.

“In some instances, you only have a window of 2 days to capture the optimal data,“ adds Bowman.

“When we had to record in notebooks, we would have to truncate the data collected and often short-hand notes to try to get as much information as possible. With Dexer, we aren't shuffling papers in damp, hot or windy conditions and it really makes things go a lot smoother.”

Long days and traveling could delay data turnaround for the rest of the company. With hand-written notes, the turn-around was in control of the note takers schedule. And, because of the tight windows for collection, data would often take the back burner.

"We were able to cut our collection time down by 33% by eliminating the data entry from notepads to the computer,” says Bowman. “When you're collecting data in hot conditions all day, the last thing you want to do is come back and enter data. This eliminated that need, easily 1/3 of our time."

Bowman says that in addition to time savings, the ability to take expanded notes also allowed them to provide insights that impacted other areas of the company, such as a sales.

“Dexer allows the data to be easily searchable and analyzed right away,” says Bowman. “Then, we can make product recommendations backed by more information to those dealing directly with customers.”

Dexer allows the data to be easily searchable and analyzed right away.

Brian Bowman

Plant Geneticist

For Bowman, the saved time and labor, the expanded insights and customer recommendations and the overall ease of use make Dexer an investment worth considering.